Integrated Pest Management Program

The Ontario Crops Research Centre - Bradford offers scouting services to growers in the Holland Marsh. Crop scouting and pest and disease forecasting are integral parts of IPM. Scouting and forecasting for diseases and insects throughout the season help identify what the current and future issues are or will be in a field, allowing for proper management to prevent crop damage. Growers will be given a report on the day each individual field is scouted and fields will be scouted twice a week throughout the growing season. Information from fields will be collected and summarized in an IPM Report (Agriphone) twice a week (Monday and Thursday). A copy of the IPM Report will be e-mailed to member growers. The Agriphone will also be circulated to all the sponsors and posted at the Co-op and on the Research Centre's website ( Important highlights will be shared through our X (@MUCKIPM).